My Videos

War-Torn is a film I made with a group of two other people. It is a documentary about a man named Lynn Gillies that is a true hero. The film recounts some of his military career and his time serving in Vietnam, where he flew his Chinook Helicopter into enemy fire to rescue a group of US Marines that were pinned down by the enemy. Gillies details the struggles that he faced with Post Traumatic Stress following his time during the war and how it affected the rest of his life.

This short film is about a local graffiti artist in the Provo City area. He explains his love for the art while creating a masterpiece of his own.

This is the first of my cooking videos that I made. It is a delicious concoction of sirloin, sausage and Blueberry Bird Dog Whisky.

Pretty Face is a short horror/thriller that I wrote, directed, shot and edited. This film was shot for a school assignment about off-axis lighting.