Travel Photography and Stories

Traveling and documenting the world is a dream of mine and I have been lucky enough to have been to some amazing places so far. I have spent nearly a month living in a village among the Maasai in Tanzania, walked the streets of Krakow, Poland, experienced an emotional trip to Auschwitz and more.



I spent about a month living with a Maasai tribe in Tanzania. I was documenting the efforts of a non-profit humanitarian group as they provided medical aid and service to the village and the surrounding community. It was truly a life changing experience.



The city of Krakow is full of amazing structures and a great place to get some street photography done. I would highly recommend traveling there at one point in your life if you ever have the chance.



While visiting Poland, I had the opportunity to tour Auschwitz. This was a very emotional and eye opening experience. I think everyone should try and make it out there to visit this place because it is definitely a visit that will stick with you for a lifetime.